Calcoup is Proud to be a Socially Compliant Company

We want to assure you that every garment manufactured by Calcoup is not only to the highest of standards, but we have also met certain criteria meaning that we are a compliant and ethical manufacturer.

Those criteria are:

Calcoup Knitwear supports and respects the protection of international human rights within the realm of our influence, and ensures that we are not undertaking in human rights abuses. All staff are protected by our policies for freely-chosen employment, no child labour, minimum wages, working hours, no discrimination, no harsh or inhumane treatment and freedom of association.
Calcoup Knitwear recognise that they are responsible for providing and maintaining working conditions that are safe, healthy and comply with all statutory requirements and codes of practice. We strive to provide and maintain our plant and equipment in a safe condition, maintain healthy work practices for using, handling, storing and transporting materials and products, provide information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure the health and safety of employees and others at the work place and provide rehabilitation and assistance to recover for any injured employee.
Calcoup Knitwear actively seeks to minimise and manage the environmental impact of its operations and offerings. Our goal is to integrate environmental management into our everyday operations, improve our environmental efficiency (sustainability) and help our customers reduce their carbon footprint through the use of our product.
The Calcoup Knitwear Code of Business Ethics describes and reinforces conduct that is based on our guiding core values, consistent with our policies and practices, and essential to our legal and compliance obligations. The CoBE is the compass that guides each of Calcoup Knitwear employees and contractors to live our corporate values fully, to uphold company policies and to adhere to legal requirements. The CoBE sets clear expectations and helps us realise results for our clients and their customers the ethical way – which, to us at Calcoup Knitwear, is the only way.